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The Circular Business Development model® or CBD model in short [DIWANIYA – J.R. Schütt & A.J. Boelen, 2012] is our business toolkit. A mental framework, methodology and approach in order to identify the business development opportunities for our clients and what the best approach would be to capitalize on such opportunities. The framework acts as an interdisciplinary communication tool, connecting diverse people with diverse roles within and across different networks. The CBD model distinguishes three levels that correspond with the different levels of decision making within the organization:

  • Leadership. Showing where the organization is heading for (vision), the roadmap how the ambitions in the vision can be reached (strategy) and focusing on the change processes needed to realize the growth ambition
  • Entrepreneurship. Showing the cyclic interaction processes between product development and market as well as organization development and market
  • Craftsmanship. Identifies which capabilities, in terms of expertise and skills, are required to make innovation a success


What We Are Good At

Our business development professionals are highly passionate about what they do, and they strive to be the best in the industry within his/her specialist sectors. But simply hiring people with a strong track record is not enough since business development tasks are of a changeable and complex nature. Our professionals are multi-faceted; analytically skilled and able to manage big projects and communicate with many different kinds of people. They are knowledgeable of several disciplines and roles and while being proficient in them all, they also know how to activate and make use of its network. DIWANIYA manages these competences over time and develop them to match the tasks at hand.

Strategic Analysis
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Engaging Skills
Project Management

  • Alexander Boelen

    Alexander has many years of experience in managing creativity and combining expertise, focusing on business development by innovation. He has a background in Architectural & Urban design, Knowledge Management and (geo-) Modeling & simulation. He has broad experience within the Creative Industries and Energy sector.

    • Portfolio analysis and Performance management
    • Business model innovation and Service innovation
    • Strategy development and Strategy anchoring


    Industry Expertise
    • Consumer Services
    • Utilities

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  • Henk Bohlander

    Henk is a seasoned innovation entrepreneur with a good mix in Corporate Finance, Marketing and Technology. He is a certified senior projectmanager (PRINCE2) with an in-depth experience in Product development & Innovation. Henks has a background in Technical Physics at the Delft University of Technology and extensive experience within the High Tech sector.

    • Product development and Financial modeling
    • Product performance innovation and Service innovation
    • Strategy execution


    Industry Expertise
    • Financial Services

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  • Ad Bresser

    Ad is an allround expert with a special sense for the right entrepreneurial developments. A seasoned business consultant with an often refreshing vision on strategic changes. His mission is to accelerate innovation by cooperation with partners and startups and applying the latest startup insights in corporates. He acts on the intersection of technology and business and constructs executable solutions from business ideas and translates technical topics into comprehensible business concepts. Ad has a technical background in Electronics and Information Technology and extensive experience within the High Tech sector.

    • Product development and Vertical integration
    • Service innovation and Business model innovation
    • Strategy development and Strategy translation


    Industry Expertise
    • Technology
    • Telecommunications

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  • Jan Dontje

    Jan can be characterized as an enthusiastic, loyal business manager with vision who knows how to inspire colleagues to gain more out of their work. Jan focuses on improving and adapting existing work situations. Based on a clear formulated vision, he sees what needs to be done. He closely following trends to compile new product / market combinations timely. “Pulling” to organizations has become his second nature.
    He is experienced in dealing with crisis situations as demonstrated during his years of work activities in Africa and Asia where finding creative solutions was vital to continuing the operations.
    Jan has a background in Business Informatics and specialized in integrated care processes and change management within the Life Science and Health sector.

    • Process improvements
    • Value chain innovation and Social innovation
    • Strategy translation, Strategy execution and Strategy anchoring


    Industry Expertise
    • Healthcare

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  • Roy Schütt

    Roy is a passionate, entrepreneurial manager and business leader working in commercial and operations management positions within the Water and High Tech sector for over 25 years. Proven track record in business development, marketing and sales. Adept at driving growth of company revenues and improving business performances. Bringing balance between big picture thinking, follow-through and the “nuts and bolts” of actual delivery. With his broad industry knowledge and years of work experience abroad, he has developed a strong cultural awareness. He understands like no other the differences in thinking towards common problems and how to work together to solve problems. Background in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and ICT Strategy & Governance.

    • Market expansion and Market development
    • Service innovation and Market innovation
    • Strategy development, Strategy translation and Strategy execution


    Industry Expertise
    • (Marine) Industrials
    • Telecommunications

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  • Peter Westerhuijs

    Peter is an experienced business developer with a great sense for spotting high-potential innovations and an even greater drive for pushing these innovations into real business. He knows how to develop new products and market propositions based on actual market demand – Lean Startup enthousiast. Good understanding of major trends and market developments. He holds a PhD in Physics, a MBA and is a qualified US Management Accountant. Specialized in creating new ventures and intellectual property valorization service (often called technology transfer) within the High Tech sector.

    • Merger & Acquisitions and New organizations
    • Network innovation and Market innovation
    • Strategy development, Strategy translation and Strategy execution


    Industry Expertise
    • Technology

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  • Frank Wind

    Frank is a visionary marketeer and business manager with a track record on initiating, championing and managing breakthrough and disruptive innovation projects and programs. A truly driver of change. He dares to push businesses to look and grow forward. Frank is inspiring, committed and has a very contagious positive spirit. Frank has a background in Business Economics, Marketing and Marketing Research and extensive experience within the Agriculture and Food sector.

    • Marketing strategy and Marketing management
    • Branding innovation and Product performance innovation
    • Strategy development, Strategy translation and Strategy execution


    Industry Expertise
      • Consumer Goods

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We are a boutique consulting firm that provides long-term value and revenue growth for clients through customized Business Development solutions. Our main focus is to assist and support our clients with the expansion, improvement and innovation of their respective businesses from a market oriented perspective. Both for established organizations as well as for start-ups, across various markets and industries and in local as well as international markets.

We have embarked on a journey which began in 2004 to explore the best practices within the emerging discipline of Business Development. Today, we have positioned ourselves as the market leaders within the field through a close collaboration with business developers, business leaders and leading academic institutions across The Netherlands.

Our business is our reputation. We believe that commitment, delivery and integrity are essential to building a business, and it is these ideologies in which DIWANIYA adheres to.


Since 2009


Who We Are & What We Do

Based on the overall experience of the DIWANIYA team and through the network of the DIWANIYA partners, we are well positioned to offer you hands-on development support, coaching and consulting services in any of the following areas:

Strategy Development

We facilitate input gathering, analyse options and generate hypotheses and facilitate strategy debate

Strategy Translation

We break down strategy into operational consequences and define strategic projects

Strategy Execution

We lead defined strategic projects and oversee programme implementation

Strategy Anchoring

We pick up learning from execution, transmit learning to management and refuels the strategy cycle


Why Work With Us


DIWANIYA’s added value lies in its strong commercial focus and its pragmatic and hands-on approach


DIWANIYA’s success lies with its team of professionals. They work closely with and along-side its clients, focusing on their core business and commercial objectives



The DIWANIYA team has long-term experience and a proven track record in business development across different industries and in various international markets


Team of Professionals

DIWANIYA’s extensive international network and its overall expertise, allowing for tangible results in a short period of time

Result Based



Business Development Professionals