The Exploration strategy accentuates the firm’s strategic flexibility to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Whereas exploiters cash in their current markets, explorers invest copiously to create novel offerings for future markets.

Transformational change management

The company may embark on a new mission, vision, or introduction of new values utilizing a transformational change process. This kind of changes brought about when businesses pursue entirely different products or markets, experience radical changes in technology (new technology – new market), or new leadership ushers in overhauls to the structure and company culture. These types of changes are dramatic and fundamentally alter the organization. Complex and unpredictable outcomes need transformational change management.

Firms that explore their proactive path to growth need to be innovation oriented at multilayers. This means a sharp strategy with clear vision based on deep understanding of future trends in their industry. Focusing on solving the customer problem provides the ideas needed to fuel innovation – and create a genuinely new business. 

Being this change is the most pronounced, a substantial disruption to the business will occur, and navigating it will require significant skill and expertise on behalf of the management team. When the change process is complete, the prior organization is no longer recognizable.

Our positioning:

As ‘Business Creators’ our efforts are biased towards new ways of working and new business in new territories. Our work focuses on ideas for profitable growth, sustainable changes in the firm’s offerings, its target customers or how the firm organizes its business processes (flexibility).

We follow conglomerate diversification strategies and collaboration (the strategic spectrum) to accomplish your objectives. We help creating new products or services that are significantly different from the organization’s present products or services, extending corporate territories, gaining synergy etc.