Whereas exploiters cash in their current markets, explorers invest copiously to create novel offerings for future markets. The explore strategy accentuates the firm’s innovation development efforts. Firms that explore their path to growth need to be innovation oriented. This means a sharp strategy with clear vision based on deep understanding of future trends in your industry. You need to develop your organization’s capacity to innovate, what we call your “innovativeness.” Agile leadership teams able to change course rapidly, smart innovation, crowdsourcing, well defined management objectives and key performance indicators. Customer focus. This task is nearly impossible to do without outside help, because the risks are so high, the changes that are needed are so dramatic, and insiders have a bias towards protecting what is working well for them right now.

Our area’s of expertise

As ‘Business Innovators’ our efforts are biased towards new ways of working and new business in new territories. Our work focuses on significant and sustainable changes in the firm’s offerings, its target customers or how the firm organizes its business processes. The role we play is to pick up on new business ideas either in the market place or from within the organization. We analyse these and incorporate them into the strategy management process.

  • Product innovation
  • Market innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • Social innovation