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Business Value: Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy is a growth direction where an organization strives to cultivate close and profound relationships with its customers. 

Positioning, seen as the ‘how of change,’ operates as a transformative cycle that enhances the business concept of ‘Customer Intimacy.’ This approach aids the organization in orienting itself towards comprehending the distinct requirements, wishes, and inclinations of each customer, subsequently offering tailored solutions to address these needs. Through the establishment of a robust market positioning, the organization can effectively set itself apart from rivals, effectively communicating a well-defined identity and value proposition to its customer base.

Type of change 

  • Service. Change in service delivery refers to the process by which a company or organization consciously and purposefully makes modifications to the way it offers its services to customers, users, or clients. These changes can range from minor adjustments to significant transformations, all intended to improve the quality, efficiency, relevance, or value of the services provided.

  • Channel. Change in customer contact, on the other hand, pertains to adapting or renewing how a company communicates and interacts with its customers. It involves revising and enhancing communication channels, processes, and strategies to provide better customer service and customer experience. Changes in customer contact can occur at various levels and encompass both direct interactions and indirect communication with customers.

  • Brand. Change in brand experience refers to the process in which a company or organization deliberately and purposefully makes alterations in how customers, users, and other stakeholders perceive and experience the brand. It revolves around creating a more positive, meaningful, and consistent interaction between the brand and its target audience to foster a strong and positive brand experience.