An expansion strategy, also known as a growth strategy, is the key to expanding your business activities and increasing your market position. In our expansion strategy, it is crucial to apply the right type of change management, depending on your specific goals and challenges

By doing so, you not only optimize the likelihood of successful implementation but also mitigate risks, enhance stakeholder engagement, and foster a smoother transition towards your expansion goals.

Transactional change – simple and predictable outcomes

If your expansion strategy focuses primarily on increasing operational capacity and optimizing existing business processes, transactional change management is the perfect choice. This type of change management aims to improve existing processes and systems without making disruptive changes to the organization. It streamlines your current operations and enhances efficiency and effectiveness.

Transitional change – simple yet unpredictable OR complex yet predictable outcomes

When your expansion strategy requires significant adjustments to adapt your organization to new conditions and environments, transitional change management is the powerful option. With this approach, you implement restructuring, repositioning of the organization, and the introduction of new systems or technologies. This type of change management is suitable for situations where your organization needs to adjust to new markets, competition, or changing business requirements.

Transformational change – complex and unpredictable outcomes

If your expansion strategy demands a radical transformation to capitalize on new business opportunities, enter new markets, or pursue a different core strategy, then transformational change management is the most potent option. This type of change management triggers a profound, radical transformation, completely reshaping your organization. It involves redefining the mission, vision, values, and corporate culture to tackle new challenges with confidence.

To achieve your growth objectives and adapt to the ever-changing environment, we often recommend a combination of these types of change management. Our experts will help you craft a well-thought-out change plan and select the right mix of change strategies to make your expansion a resounding success.

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