Health Care

DIWANIYA | Health Care – Cooperation and collaboration

Life sciences & Health industry helps advance health care worldwide

The healthcare industry is the range of companies and non-profit organizations that provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment, and develop pharmaceuticals. It includes the generation and commercialization of goods and services lending themselves to maintaining and re-establishing health.

The average life expectancy of people in the Netherlands is about 81 years. Research also suggests The Netherlands has the tallest people and happiest children in the world. Our 150-year-old healthcare system is accessible for everyone and known throughout the globe. With strong links between industry and academia, focused clusters, and strong chains linking research to product and business creation, the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector competes on a global scale.

Total solutions from science to patients

This innate approach to cooperation and creativity, and the willingness to work together to achieve greater goals, are what has led to The Netherlands achieving a top position in public-private research and ‘open innovation’. For the Dutch Life Science & Health sector, knowledge-sharing and close cooperation and collaboration between companies and research institutions, with full support of the government, is what drives this success. The Dutch model, moving from research to knowledge, innovation, and products, generates sustainable, affordable and proven solutions and sets the standard worldwide.

The strong inter-disciplinary approach produces a high level of knowledge and expertise across the entire healthcare chain, from science, to patient, and often results in comprehensive ‘total solutions’. Innovative Dutch products and services in the areas of as remote care, medical apparatus, and diagnostic coupling between Pharma and Medtech, provide the answers to many of today’s global healthcare challenges.