Where needed, DIWANIYA can support its clients with a ‘tailor-made’ team of experienced professionals who can cover key rolls within the client’s organization for a shorter or longer period of time. Based on the overall experience of the DIWANIYA team and through its partner network, DIWANIYA is very well positioned to offer you strategic and tactical support in any of the following areas:

Investigate strategic options

  • Evaluate strategic positions
  • Identify new market segments
  • Qualify new market entry
  • Support M&A activities

Orchestrate strategy management

  • Co-ordinate the strategic planning process
  • Align performance measures with budgets
  • Facilitate sharing of strategic learning
  • Ensure ongoing follow-up and reporting
  • Integrate strategic thinking into the annual planning cycle

Execute strategic projects

  • Lead or support process improvement programs
  • Lead or support organisational change processes
  • Evaluate strategic investments