Coaching engagements typically are one-to-one engagements, focused on or around one person and his/her job-space. Examples of coaching engagements that are closely related to the expertise of the DIWANIYA team are:

  • Coaching the Sales Manager on how to improve, grow and develop sales

  • Coaching the Sales Director in setting-up and implementing a go-to-market strategy for a new product or new geographic area, determining how to enter such market, how to setup the distribution, which partners to select and engage with, etc.

  • Coaching the Marketing Director on how to restructure and optimize the company’s distribution channel

  • Coaching the Managing Director on how to improve the company’s culture with respect to customer service and achieving customer satisfaction

These are just a few of the examples where DIWANIYA is able to support your organization and to assist you in effectively obtaining results and achieving change in the respective areas.


If you are interested in further enhancing your management skills on the Business Development subject, or simply want to learn more on a Business Development specific topic, then one of our range of short courses could be the perfect answer.

DIWANIYA offers in close cooperation with UBS/UTRECHT BUSINESS SCHOOL, the business school for management executives and business leaders in The Netherlands, a range of Business Development management and leadership courses, enabling you to gain the knowledge you need over a short period of time. In-company courses, tailor-made programs. Programmes are designed and taught by learning experts and top academics.