DIWANIYA | How to deploy business development?


Business Development is not a new thing. Every business develops on a continuous basis. What is new is that Business Development is being institutionalized as an organizational process, a new function and a new role in modern companies.

A company that wants to be at the forefront in its industry is getting more and more difficult. In this fast-paced global business environment, the ability to possess fact-based strategic foresight, deliver systematic exploration of new growth opportunities and to institutionalize a continuous drive to improve internal business practices is more important than ever.

An important condition for ensuring the continuity of a company is proper organizing of Business Development. Business Development will play an integrative role in modern organizations: Bridging the gap between strategic intent and organizational execution.

Business Development bridges the gap between strategic intent and organizational execution.

As such, successful Business Development solves three different tasks:

  • Investigate. Act as a catalyst for qualifying new opportunities, evaluate strategic positions, identify new market segments, qualify new market entry and support M&A activities

  • Orchestrate. Co-ordinate the strategic planning process, align performance measures with budgets, facilitate sharing of strategic learning, ensure ongoing follow-up and reporting and integrate strategic thinking into the annual planning cycle

  • Execute. Lead or support business portfolio optimization, lead or support process improvement programmes, lead or support organizational change processes and evaluate strategic investments